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        Diabolic Assassins, Is a strong ambitious Alliance in Dungeon Overlord.  We have been in business since February 2011.  We started this Alliance in fear of no "In-Game" Alliance patches, and we created a Facebook group page to stay in touch.  We began using that Facebook group page to upload videos of our battle playbacks.  We used that same Facebook group page to share ideas, and discuss room management and placement with trap mazes/set-ups for amazing dungeon defense.  We spoke of so many things on that little Facebook page, and all these idea's we're a little overwhelming for some.  So we began to think about maybe, in stead of steady discussions about the game their where the topics continued to be unseen and scroll down the page, why not release this information  and create a webpage that will have all battle play back videos, dungeon defense idea's, ranking within the alliance, all these discussions packed into a webpage with videos, links, strategies, our own forums and more! 

                    So here we are!  Diabolic Assassins!  We will be brining you, dungeon defense tutorials, suggested trap designs, providing you with video, polls, taking the game "Dungeon Overlord"  one step further and making it alliance based.  Now you don't have to worry about someone raiding you daily, taking everything you have everyday, making it so hard for you to rebuild.  If they attack you, chances are we will retaliate with a strike strong enough to take them down.  =D

           We are the strong.  We are not scared to take a loss.  Everyone in Dungeon Overlord takes losses, and i'm sure we will all take more.  That's no reason to turn away, that's just part of the game, but people fail to realize that.  You will, at some point take a loss.  However, we work together however to keep these losses at a minimum.    We established Head Quarters in Varkenshale, HAYT.  That is where we are based out of, this is where we began, and that is where HQ will stay for now.  We are getting stronger and stronger everyday.  And this game will continue to get larger and larger everyday.  Their will be more people joining Dungeon Overlord everyday.  And who do we want them to join when the "In-Game" Alliance patch is in place? DIABOLIC ASSASSINS!  That's who!  So If you are already in Diabolic Assassin's, you know to always recruit.  Everyone recruits.  This clan is word of mouth, and we're about to spread like a wildfire!